Update v4.30

Update v4.30


  • When in the team selection interface before any Battle, hit the “Team Setup” button to create Saved Teams of Champions and give those Champions Skill Instructions.
  • Saved Teams lets you save preset, pre-selected teams of Champions that can quickly be chosen to be used in Battle in a couple of taps.
  • Skill Instructions allow you to give Champions in Saved Teams special instructions about which Skills you want them to use – and when you want them to use them – when playing on Auto.


  • You are able to create two groups of Saved Teams – one for PvP Battles (like Classic Arena and Tag Arena), and one for PvE Battles (such as for the various Dungeons).
  • You can save up to 10 Teams in each of these groups.


Skill Instructions work by allowing you to override the default AI prioritization of a Champion’s Active Skills, so that when playing on Auto, your Champions use their Skills in the order you want them to.

Here are the priority options

  • Default: A skill with this instruction is used according to the Champion’s standard AI.
  • Don’t Use: A skill with this instruction will never be used throughout a Battle.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Choices: These define each Skill’s priority from 1st (highest) to 3rd (lowest). First-choice Skills will be used whenever they are available, while second will be used whenever a Champion’s first choice is unavailable, while third choice will only be used whenever both first and second are unavailable.
  • Those are the main priorities, and they can be assigned to any Active Skill – but they can’t be assigned to Default Skills or Passives.
  • However, there is an additional instruction that will supersede any other instructions for a single turn – Opener.
  • Opener. A Skill with this instruction will be used the first time that Champion gets a turn in the first Round of a Battle. After that turn, the Skill’s priority will change to whichever other Instruction is set.
  • It can be assigned to any non-Passive Skill (including Default Skills) along with any other Instruction. For example, a Skill can be set to both “Don’t Use” and “Opener”: in which case, that Skill will be used on that Champion’s first turn, but will then be ignored throughout the rest of the Battle and will not be used again.
  • Note: You can only give Skill Instructions to Saved Teams and to those Champions Set in your Arena Defense Teams. Check out the in-game guide (hit the “i” info icon within Team Setup) for more details and a full breakdown of both Skill Instructions and Saved Teams.


  • From now on, we’re going to launch CvC Tournaments with Personal Rewards as a separate edition of CvC Tournaments.
  • This means going forward, we’ll have some standard CvC Tournaments without individual rewards, and some Tournaments with individual rewards added.
  • There will be 6 Personal Reward Tiers. Each player`s Personal Reward Tier depends on the number of Points they earned in the previous CvC Tournament that had Personal Rewards.
  • There will be 10 Personal Milestones in each Tier, and players will only be eligible to receive Personal Rewards if their Clan wins the CvC Matchup.