Shadow Legends Patch Notes

Shadow Legends Patch Notes

Shadow Legends is a tactical RPG set in a world of intrigue and strife. Assemble a team of powerful Heroes and command them in a story of revenge and betrayal set in the same world as the popular Shadowrun Tabletop Game.

We're always working to improve Shadow Legends, and we've got a handful of quality of life enhancements for you in this update that we hope will make your game even better.

In this update, we've made a small number of tweaks to make the game even more enjoyable.

Shadow Legends is a free-to-play, PvP-oriented, online game which is based on the famous MOBA game mechanics. The game has been released on September 29th, 2016 for the iOS and Android devices.

The latest update brings new features to the game such as:

  • Better performance: This update improves performance on all devices.
  • New hero: Penumbra, a dark elf mage who deals high damage and has a strong back line presence.
  • New hero: Etna, a fire mage who has a high damage output and is also good against backliners.
  • New PvP map: Elder's Grove.
  • New PvE map: Forest Cabin.
  • New PvE map: Dark Sanctuary.
  • New PvE map: Haunted Farm.
  • Added in-game help that can be accessed by tapping on the question mark icon
  • Added the ability to access the Settings menu from the main screen
  • Added the ability to access the Inventory from the main screen
  • Added an option to view the in-app purchase prices in the in-app purchase menu
  • Added a notification to let you know when a friend has started playing Shadow Legends
  • Fixed an issue where the counter for a player's number of wins would sometimes freeze
  • Fixed an issue with the Gem of Eternal Youth not always working
  • Fixed an issue with the timer not appearing for some players
  • Fixed an issue with the Battle Record not always updating for some players